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Top customer reviews!

By Fabiola on September 28, 2017
So I have the 1st and 2nd edition of this book. And I love them both. They are very detail but this edition is the best. It breaks down each company and the pros and cons of working for the company how you can apply and what to expect on an interview. This books is more for looking to find jobs in online teaching if you want to take courses on teaching online or how to team English they do have an online TEFL program. As a Pioneer looking for a job to support me so I can teach this has helped me so much.
By Ann verchon September 9, 2017
Highly recommend! This book has been an easy read , concise, practical information . I loved the pros and cons of different companies. I have referred back to it several times to answer questions that have come up.
Get this book , you won't be disappointed.
By Ton September 7, 2017
This book is EXCELLENT! This is essential for anyone looking to travel abroad and support themselves. Very practical suggestions and the pros and cons are extremely helpful! I found a few companies I plan to apply to! Highly recommend this book!
By Kundeon September 10, 2017
I loved this guide because it's brief but doesn't leave anything out. My favorite part are the tips and their personal experiences at the end! Would recommend to anyone who is starting an online teaching career 👍👍
By Brandonon September 6, 2017
I really liked this book, it has a lot of companies that hire people who want to teach English anywhere. Very helpful.
By Jadie J.on September 4, 2017
Thorough and easy to understand. Would recommend to anyone getting started in the online ESL teaching world.
By Kenneth Beverly on September 8, 2017
Clear and concise. Very well written. The writers have clearly done their research.


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